Sixty old man inside the 22 needle surgery to remove the risk of new network storage 纪元1701

Sixty old man inside the 22 needle surgery to remove the new network in Jiangsu Chinese deposit risk – network November 11th news (correspondent Dong Longjiang Wu Demin reporter Wang Guozhu) Taixing 62 year old man Zhu, because the family was sent to the local hospital vomiting treatment, found in possession of 22 needle, adhesion and tissue has occurred. 9, Taizhou People’s Hospital, experts believe that after diagnosis, you can open the abdominal cavity surgery will be out of the embroidery needle, but there is a risk, it is not necessarily able to take out all embroidery needle. 62 year old Zhu family lives in Taixing City, the ancient town, never married, living with more than and 80 year old mother. Recently, Zhu often feel stomach aches, vomiting. Before Zhu also have such symptoms, but take some medicine will improve. At this time, Zhu also take no medicine. After working in the field of the sister heard the news came back, Zhu will be sent to the hospital. The hospital to Zhu abdomen shot the film, the film came out, so that the doctor was shocked. Film, Zhu body memory has a large number of needles (embroidery needle). After careful inventory, Zhu body embroidery needle a total of 22! Yesterday morning, the reporter found in the Taizhou People’s Hospital vascular surgery, Zhu of the film, the embroidery needle scattered arrangement, one in the chest, most in pelvic near some embroidery needle has been broken, and some have been bending. Angiography showed that part of the embroidery needle has been "against the" artery. Attending physician Li Caiying told reporters, to take out Zhu body of these embroidery needles, the need to open the abdominal cavity surgery, these have been and the organization of the adhesion of the embroidery needle stripping. As part of the embroidery needle is very close to the blood vessels, there is a certain risk of surgery. In addition, the surgery will not necessarily take out all embroidery needles, some inlaid in the muscles of the embroidery needle, as long as the life is not blocked, you can not remove. Embroidery needle is how to enter Zhu body, the reason is still unknown. According to the doctor, from the point of view of these embroidery needle, Zhu himself is unlikely to swallow. Zhu is currently doing preoperative examination, intends to do surgery next Monday.相关的主题文章: