Heilongjiang, a shopping mall in Bei’an for 1 years after the completion of the local structures cal 2828创业网

Heilongjiang, a shopping mall in Bei’an for 1 years after the completion of the local structures called new network – demolitions in Heilongjiang Province Survey motivation in Bei’an City, a large integrated shopping mall two floor to connect a nearly a thousand square meters of illegal buildings. The local administrative law enforcement departments issued a "decision" to "dismantle illegally built demolitions exhortation book", but unexpectedly, a year later, this has not been the demolition of illegally built, but the opening of operations. Reporter Cui Dongkai – Zhang Chong mall is a crowded place, the mall floor will have rooftop secretly connected to many security risks. However, in Bei’an City, Heilongjiang province appeared in such a case grimace, located in the center of a large integrated shopping mall two floor is to connect a 1000 square meters of color plate housing, ready to put into use as a cinema. A year ago in November 5, 2015, the local comprehensive administrative law enforcement bureau has been in accordance with the building regulations of filing and ordered the demolition, but after a lapse of a year, the promotion "Amy international studios" in November 5th of this year officially opened. Why can’t the comprehensive law enforcement bureau filing demolition of illegally built a year? Whether the local construction planning departments to grant permission to the private housing? Legal Daily reporter launched an investigation. Since the end of October the mass petition cited illegal shading, the temperature of Bei’an city has begun to free zero in on two street, located in the downtown shopping malls Rui Hing Building, gathered a lot of elderly, most of them are not shopping here, but three or four people get a table playing poker in the dining area. Because of the cold weather, the entertainment activities of the elderly are single and scarce, which can be seen everywhere in the big shopping malls in the northeast. By the end of 2015, which is a considerable part of the elderly carried out a petition, because the mall on the two floor of the outdoor rooftop to prepare close to a thousand square meters of housing to do the use of cinema. Near the old people is that the illegal construction is too large, covering home residents floor of the sun, on the other hand feel so personnel intensive shopping malls to connect the illegally built will cause safety hazards. At that time, the two floor of the building is only a large number of stacked a large number of workers, steel and color steel and other building materials. "Developers to pick up the floor, two floors so high, ready to open the cinema." Such rumors soon spread in the folk. So, many people want to stop this illegal behavior in the vicinity to connect the Ruixin mansion. After the city’s comprehensive administrative law enforcement bureau received a report, the staff quickly rushed to the scene, and to stop the construction. However, this past year, people around to the "Legal Daily" reporters reflect, illegally built have not been halted, developers always quietly in construction, especially while the rest of the holiday this year "eleven" during the period of accelerating the construction of illegally built cap completed. October 25th this year, the reporter went to Bei’an to conduct field interviews. In the back of the building, Ruixin residential courtyard, the reporter can clearly see the two floor on the roof, a blue color plate housing is very conspicuous, its architectural style and building Ruixin completely inconsistent, the building is about 100 meters long, 7 meters wide. "Although the building is a layer, but the height of two feet high, because to do the use of cinema, lift"相关的主题文章: