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The funeral officials received 27 cows eating too ugly – Sohu comments 14, Sichuan Province, the Commission informed the 8 typical cases of violation of the central eight provisions, including the Liangshan state government office of the deputy director Yang Bin violations make arrangements for the funeral accepting gifts problems. Informed that, in February last year, Yang Bin in his mother died in his hometown of lavish funeral, gifts of gold 535 thousand and 100 yuan, 27 cattle, among them, accepting management service and subordinates more than 100 gifts 189 thousand and 500 yuan. Liangshan Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision Bureau to give its expulsion from the party, dismissed from punishment, their alleged crimes and clues have been transferred to judicial organs. Gifts and cattle? Small partners have been stunned. Imagine the scene at that time: mother died, a large funeral funeral filial officials, very grand, all friends come in a throng, we each bosom, tacit, have to offer a gift". It is particularly eye-catching, township cadres and villagers holding cattle, a total of 27 first team go forward with great strength and vigour…… Under these circumstances, how unpleasant? Maybe send a cow is one of the funeral customs of local old, perhaps in the local people seems to send money more than the face, perhaps the villagers home didn’t have much cash on hand cattle…… In a word, for many people, the funeral is really impossible to send cattle. Today, the cattle, tomorrow realized, many of the "procedures", very troublesome. Officials home yard again, I don’t have room for 27 cows eat. The key problem is that some people send cattle, the official actually received, one received 27 head, eat too ugly, how can I? Eighteen, whether central or local, are repeated, non Party cadres lavish weddings and funerals. This kind of pressure, some officials still lavish, crazy money, really unscrupulous. The gifts received 27 cows is destined to be a joke, but the public did not laugh. In fact, many of the things that seem to us to be a joke often happen to some officials. Recently, the Hubei Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection on the introduction of a typical case. Hubei County deputy director Yin Moumou 36 birthday at noon, with 10 banquet tables, was reported by the masses after being caught with the local commission for Discipline inspection. Eye-popping, deputy director Yin actually does not repent and become aggravated, night and put 6 banquet tables, closing ceremony, was eventually dismissed. This year the "double" the arrival of the local discipline inspection and supervision departments intensive informed the central eight provisions violate the spirit of typical cases, people are too busy to attend to all sense. The intention is obvious, that is, through the exposure of the typical negative, play a deterrent warning role. Alarm bells tolled again and again, those who still luck who wake up. Chen Guangjiang (media)相关的主题文章: