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Qi Gong and Xia Yan love story cat source: Mr. Qi Gong and Mr. Xia Yan Abstract Beijing all love small animal, especially love cats. Mr. Xia Yan grew to love cats, before the "Cultural Revolution" in the home have two cats, accompany every day on his side, even in his writing, the cat is lying on his desk, Xia Yan treats the beloved cat, like family members, but the "Cultural Revolution", the old summer was put in in prison, he keeps two cats have been difficult. After the summer was closed, the old nanny with two cats, waiting for the owner to return home. The old old nanny failed to wait for the owner to return plagued by poverty and ill health, he died poor, two cats, had to wander around foraging. Finally one day, the old summer back, but the cat has been regarded as hopeless., but it saw his master, immediately turn around the owner, this does not prove that the cat is humanity? Mr. Qi Gong a poem describes: old man here, the cat cut the tumor. Seven years old, four potential early abortion. Sick cats around the knee, when the plug has moved. Human nature has been approved, cat sex was still. After the reform and opening up, the old summer and have two yellow cat. The Spring Festival in 1983, Mr. Qi Gong wrote a special Pro cat Badashanren painting and calligraphy banners, to pay New Year’s call: "summer Laoai summer old cats, not to Zhengnan Du Zuo, I see Badashanren this solid, temporary to help keep a book and begging for advice". In 1985, fifteen eighth birthday occasion in summer, and old and made sixteen words to five, for the summer old birthday: cat. Dependent quality of life. A gas, not in a body hair. Cat. Impartial thief Mai cao. Granary, rat bird consumption disappears. Cat. Italian pride unscathed. Joe Ke, the tiger can not be arrogant. Cat. Support to Lang rolls,. Respect for culture, who teach. Cat. Jade Snow Persian miles away. To the exotic, Shou Sheng peach. The five words of the first sixteen words, Mr. Qi Gong had to copy to seek advice from Mr. Huang Miaozi, and by the summer to turn to the old Huang Miaozi. The old summer received the sixteen word order, in order to thank, especially give Mr. Qi Gong a bottle of expensive wine, asked Mr. Huang Miaozi to. Mr. Qi Gong after that, immediately think of love drinking buddy Yang Xianyi, please give the old seedling of Mr. yang. During this period, and seedling and Qi Gong poetry sing. Mr. Xia Yan: the original poem Miaozai predecessors told to wine gifts and old articles, and told the old Kai Hsien Yi donation. To go to play for Mo, a greedy: Xia Gong with my foreign wine, I will carry a qi-gong. And the old wife refused to have a turn Zaibai Kai, Yang Xiong. Pink beauty intoxicating wine, the day fair. What is required to change the five flowers, and with the west dragon pool. Brandy far to European, Huang Gonglu also Jiao. Recently, the soil is not easy, and the dry as soon as Xi Jiang hong. The old yang to hold quilt lying on a red sky mansion. Deep shallow cup Sheng and scattered from people’s music alone. Mr. Qi Gong is a child poetry, rhyming poem: a bottle of wine to Dongyang Xiasou, Huang Lei father work for father Jianhui, Lei Lei father Yang Xianlao donation, poetry, rhyming song: instrument, make wine with Gushi, zuixiang I)相关的主题文章: