400 billion yuan Wenzhou a man involved in the case of large multinational Internet gambling baxia

400 billion yuan in Wenzhou a man involved in a large multinational Internet gambling case recently, Songyang City, Lishui County People’s court with the use of network platform, the implementation of transnational gambling online gambling case, involving a total amount of 400 billion yuan, profit of 580 million yuan illegally. In the case of the defendant Zhou Wenzhou Lucheng people, in April 5th this year, Vietnam arrested, after being transferred back home. In November 24th, the Songyang court trial, the defendant Zhou as one of the main criminal court trial gang. Zhou was arrested on suspicion of the crime of opening casinos in Songyang County People’s Procuratorate approved the arrest on October 22, 2014. China’s Ministry of Public Security issued a warrant for class A, international organizations issued an international manhunt. It is understood that in June 2012, a week together with Pengmou (already sentenced), a full house, Quan Mouyu (both at large) and others, to create a shared network technology Co., Ltd. in Wenzhou. The company hired Wang, Wu, Chen (have been sentenced) and a number of network technicians, to create a network of chess game platform on the internet. The platform is provided with a "rather than beef, two stud and 14 gambling games, selling homemade" bar beans "game currency as gambling chips. In order to obtain a huge amount of illegal interests, the game platform is also specially developed by Zhou is responsible for the banking group, so as to facilitate the realization of the game bar bar and free convertibility of the rmb. May 2013, in order to escape the public security organs to fight, the decision to move the company’s work place a bit of luxury, while modifying the domain name, continue to run the online gambling platform. June 18, 2014, the game platform was seized by public security organs. The survey found that the platform game player account for more than 204 months, the purchase of silver in the office, generating nearly 19 trillion game currency, to the sale of silver business prices reached 400 billion yuan, Zhou and other criminal illegal profit of 580 million yuan. In addition, Zhou also participated in another gaming platform online gambling banking group, illegal profit of 8 yuan. In June 2014 after the incident, Pengmou, Xu, Zhang Wo, some 8 people have been prosecuted and arrested, jailed. Some of the people involved in a whole and a fugitive Yu Hao. Currently, the series of cases in the criminal part of Zhou, is still under further investigation.相关的主题文章: