3 black car was reported to seize the transport station on 2 hours to Beijing – in musiland

3 black car was reported to seize the transport station on 2 hours to Beijing – life daily news November 2nd afternoon of October 27, 2016, several members of the lawful operation of owners of Sifangtai town Beilin District of Suihua City, the three "black car" don’t live and reported to the transport station Beilin District and transportation station, actually do not know how to deal with: – three deputy stationmaster evade each other and law enforcement personnel not two people, can not find the clothes…… Has a staff of 180, known as the province’s largest county transportation station Beilin District transportation station, did not send people to law enforcement. In the "research" and "coordination" after two hours, two law enforcement officers dispatched finally finally rushed to the scene, just sitting in the car, taking note of the phone, resulting in a "black car" escape. The illegal operation of vehicles to grab regular video report was told the owner of insufficient evidence recently, Beilin District of Suihua City, the operation of passenger car owners more than to reporters report said, Beilin District of Suihua city to the town of Sifangtai has more than and 10 publicly listed black car passenger operation of the normal operation of showmanship, and make a great impact, they repeatedly took their picture collection, video and audio evidence to Beilin District Transportation Transportation Management Station to station report, "because of lack of evidence is inadmissible. Working on behalf of the owner of Sun Maolin told reporters provided more than and 30 different licenses, different models of the "black" of illegal trading activities photos and videos. The vehicle front windshield suspension "Suihua" signs are very obvious, some black car owners also produced a car with a telephone contact card, and the video is a clear record of the black car owners bargaining, showmanship, the whole process. "These ‘Black’ identical to our regular bus fares, but not by the industry management of passenger transport, that stop on openly in the site, intersection over customers, and even door-to-door shuttle passengers, so it has a serious impact on the US regular bus." Business owner told reporters, before every day they each car turnover of nearly 1000 yuan, now the "black car" the impact of every car trading volume fell to three hundred or four hundred yuan. Transport station owners report accompanied by reporters promised as passengers witness accepted at any time fast scene in October 27th 10, accompanied by reporters on behalf of the owner of Sun Maolin once again came to the Beilin District transportation station, on the illegal operation behavior report, deputy chief Wang Lejia received a reporter. Obviously, Wang Zhanfuzhanchang is no stranger to Sun Maolin reflect the situation, he told reporters revealed difficulties and owners of governance "black car", and said that the owners have repeatedly reported Suihua to Sifangtai passenger line "black car" illegal operation. He said that he has seen the videos and pictures, but only by these videos and photos to prove that the "black car" involved in the illegal operation of the evidence is not enough, need to have the relevant passenger himself in order to form a complete chain of evidence. Deputy chief Wang promised, as long as there are passengers with the video card, they will be punished for the illegal operation of vehicles, and reporting to superiors, from a special team of Suihua to Sifangtai passenger line on this illegal operation of the "black" special treatment. In order to ensure the smooth flow of reporting channels, Wang, deputy director and reporter, the owner left the phone number, and said with.相关的主题文章: