22 year old guy parents drowned save lives drowning colleagues feel choked Beijing pride in e3300

22 year old guy: parents drowned save lives drowning colleagues choked proud – Beijing Beijing in August 26 Taikang Xinhua (reporter Zhou Xiaoyun) three village of sesame in Taikang County of Henan province wa Xiang 22 year old guy Li Huanan to save the drowning female colleague, the first time to rescue the woman eventually regardless of personal danger, rescue, and positive youth he was killed. In August 25th, the reporter went to the Li Huanan Taikang home visits, to understand the Li Huanan family of seven people are members, the surrounding neighbors to crowd his thumbs. The afternoon of August 13th, a company in Zhengzhou to visit area Corporate Events in Zhengzhou the Yellow River, a paddle in the shallow water area in deepwater area of female employees accidentally fallen into 4 employees to save water. In the rescue process, due to the deep water area is coupled with the the Yellow River water situation is complex, dangerous, with the fastest speed to the drowning of the 22 year old guy Li Huanan, into the deep water has not come up, in the submerged the last moment still struggling shouting: "to save his colleagues." Finally, drowning female employees and the remaining 3 employees were successfully rescued on the shore, Li Huanan was missing, until the next day at 5 pm, after a day of salvage, washed out Li Huanan was salvaged rescue personnel, has unfortunately drowned. August 25th, the reporter drove to the hometown of Li Huanan, Taikang County Township three villages. Li Huanan has just entered the door, before reporters speak, his parents and sister went to greet the eyes suffused with tears. Li Huanan’s mother is a woman in the village cadres, nearly 20 years of work, his father in a car factory in Zhengzhou. There is a brother, three sisters, a family of seven people are all Party members. Li Huanan’s youngest ranking, 22 years old this year, graduated from university to work for nearly 2 years. Li Huanan’s father, Li Hongyuan, told reporters that although he was the youngest child in the family, he was also the most filial child of the family, although he was the youngest child in the world. Every time I came home from Zhengzhou, will buy a lot of supplements to the elders, but also often to the feet of more than and 90 year old grandfather. Just a week before the incident back, his son came back from Zhengzhou, Grandpa sent to the fruit and tonic. "It’s hard to accept, but the parents are proud." Speaking of Li Huanan to save drowning, sitting in the yard Li Hongyuan looked down and wiped the tears, lonely figure, Li Huanan’s mother is on the side quietly sobbing. This little room in the house was where Li Huanan lived. Zhou Xiaoyun, according to reports, Li Huanan’s family in the evening of the day after the news, then rushed to the scene of the night drowning Zhengzhou salvage. That night, is the old two feel the longest, most difficult moments. How could they not think that the youngest son of love so suddenly disappear. From the memory of his father’s face, the reporter saw his grief. Mother could not help but also told reporters that if it is not a matter, Li Huanan will be married at the end of this year. To be a calm mood, Li Hongyuan said, his son lay down his life to save, he was not a bit surprised. Because in the village, the son is the villagers recognized as enthusiastic people". Who needs help, he will be the first to run up. In the village elderly, lack of water meters)相关的主题文章: