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Arts-and-Entertainment There are many kind of rack types available in the Data Centers, out of these 19-inch is the most famous which is used for mounting multiple equipment modules. A 19 inch rack consists of a front panel which is 19 inches wide. to make the process of mounting of the modules to the rack with the help of screws and frames, extra ears are provided with racks. Three important steps which are important in equipment mounting are as follows: Support for the Structure – mounting of the equipment is confirmed by clipping equipments front panel to the rack. One of the disadvantage of the process is that all the structural support is centered only to one side of the edge, so heavier equipment is designed to mounted on a second pair of mounting strips located at the back of the equipment. A variety of spacings are used between front and back strips, with 31.5 inches being the most .mon one. Equipment mounted is deigned to manage a range of depths and 39.4 is the most .mon used space because of the reason is more depth permit more space for to route cables at the back of the rack. Racks are .monly secured to the adjacent wall or floor so that it will not fall over. This process is done specially with 2 post racks. Slide on the Side – heavy equipment which is continuously used for servicing an in the process all the four corners are detached concurrently can cause a threat of damage. To avoid damage heavy equipment is either mounted via rails or mounted directly. A rail is mounted directly onto the rack equipment is then slides into the rack along with the rails which supports it. When the equipment reaches the place it is then bolted back to the rack. Rails also support the equipment in a position where it is clear of the rack and maintenance and inspection can be done easily. Fastening – mounting equipments starts from the process of fastening. In order to receive particular type of threaded bolt mounting holes are tapped. However this hole tapped kind of racks are only used for the hardware that really changes like relay racks and .work or telephone cabling panels. Hardware which is frequently changed is mounted on racks which are provided with slide rails, since there is a possibility that the frequent movement can break of a bolt or damaging a thread making mounting hole unusable. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: