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Recommended standard of "certainty" gold in the three quarter and the fourth quarter after coming. Statistics in the past few years, the market can be found in the fourth quarter, the financial sector is due to some of the outstanding performance of the year, which makes the average value of the fourth quarter gratifying, but the appliance and building materials and other sectors have more sustained stability. Led the market hot spot in recent years gradually tilted to the emerging industry. However, in the context of tighter regulation this year, investors are advised to pay more attention to the quality of the assets of the asset revaluation, the recovery of the industry as well as some of the key sectors of the quality of the opportunity to pick up the theme. Home building materials sector concern Wind data show that from 2006 to 2015 this year during the fourth quarter of ten, the 28 SW level industry, non bank financial, banking, building decoration and household appliances industry average or the highest, four industries for ten years in the fourth quarter of the average increase was 18.894%, 18.04%, 14.01% and 12.56%. In addition, building materials, computers, machinery and equipment and communications sector average rose more than 10% over the same period. At first glance, the financial sector seems to be way ahead, but in fact the sector’s performance is not stable, volatility is more intense. For example, in 2006 and two bull market in the beginning of the year, the performance of the financial sector gratifying to the end of 2014. Among them, in 2006, the banking sector as the main varieties in the fourth quarter rose more than 79%, far higher than other industries; the fourth quarter of the year rose leading steel and food and beverage, rose more than 38% and 21% respectively; the non bank financial sector ranked fourth, up 18.28%. However, in 2007 the banking sector rose only 1.36%, brokerage sector benefited from the bull market rose more than $33% in 2008, the market fell, making these plates become the hardest hit, fell by 15.81% and 22.02%, respectively, ranking the top. 2014 is also similar, the advent of the bull market once again to make non bank finance, banking and steel sector leader, respectively, in the fourth quarter of 2014 rose more than 91%, 58% and 32%. 2015 A-share market suffered a depth adjustment, after the national day, the market began to improve, non bank financial and banking sector rose more than 45% and A, respectively, and more than 14%. In contrast, strong stability is the architectural decoration and household appliances sector, the two plates except in 2011 following the market Pudie, the rest of the year in the fourth quarter rose in varying degrees, is expected to gain more certainty. Building materials sector is similar, except in 2007 and in 2011 fell, there are varying degrees of rise. Hot gradually shifted to emerging industries with the adjustment of China’s economic structure, the market hot spots are also shifting. Among them, the emerging industries are gradually replacing traditional industries, more and more appear in the forefront. From the plate led, in 2006 is the financial, steel, building materials, food and beverage and car plate; 2009 are household appliances, automobiles, electronics, light industry manufacturing sector; 2013 is the home appliances, defense industry and machinery and equipment sector; growth stocks in 2015 under the guidance of structural market interpretation of the beginning of the fourth quarter, the highest increase is electronic, the computer and the textile and clothing sector.相关的主题文章:

Don’t say great and smart when you praise your child! Sohu –mia farrow

Don’t say "great" and "smart" when you praise your child! Is the Sohu for many maternal and child do not understand "parent-child praise philosophy" parents, "very good", "very clever" become their pet phrase, the praise and not let the children fully realize their own value, to praise unscientific and ineffective. Parents may wish to try things instead of general praise, praise after the kids are reviewed, which is a very ideal parent-child interaction. "Very good" and "very clever" parents praise President Obama even pet phrase certainly praise on the growth of children’s importance, he often will take the initiative to communicate with her daughter: "today I have to praise you?" Praise will give children more power and self-confidence to grow up, but in real life, the parents of the children how to praise? From the survey results, it seems that many parents have to learn and improve. The day before, the reporter on the 50 70, after 80 parents (female ratio 1:1) were investigated, the results showed that the "very good", "very clever" became more than 6 parents praise children’s pet phrase, only 3 of the parents would choose the praise of "seeking truth from facts". In the study of praise skills, more than 5 of the parents through the sharing with other parents to learn, there are still more than 2 of the parents of the child to praise the skills "completely without their own ideas". "Kids like you to praise him for his beauty, beauty and intelligence." 3 year old son Xiaoyu believes that children praise "is actually very simple, is to match up. Lulu believes that no matter what inspired by children will be happy to help build confidence. But the current situation is that only 3 of parents surveyed, parents will praise the child, and the child to communicate again. A well-known Human Resources Inc general manager of Kelly were different with other parents the reason, she said, the children seeking praise, and to encourage, can help children to establish confidence from bit by bit. Many parents said, failed to grasp the skills under the premise of praise, praise the child or stint, or to express in exaggerated form. "When I think my son’s words are the best, he turns around and doesn’t write." White-collar Ms. Xue experience and many parents, in praise of children ‘words, but found the child instead of giving up, conflict and disruptive behavior. In the local senior experts Scarlett full view, the general praise of parents, but to increase the psychological pressure of children. Expert weapon 1, in any case do not begrudge your praise for many parents, they care about "want to praise the child" more than "how to praise the child", is often out of fear that children become more proud. In fact, whether children are introverted or extroverted, the time to praise the child, be generous with your praise. For the child within, we need to give more credit, for example, introverted children in doing something, because of fear of making mistakes will focus on the responses of adults, which have a great relationship with the family education, parents and an eye for children is also a great encouragement)相关的主题文章:

Music guest hosted vr-park ecological conference joint 20 manufacturers set up an industrial -pgd-426

Happy guest host VR-Park ecological   conference 20 manufacturers; combined with the establishment of industry alliances, communication channel, original title: happy guest host VR-Park eco 20 manufacturers conference jointly established industry alliance on August 27th news, music guest VR National Convention Center in Beijing held a theme of "happy future?" VR-Park industry ecosystem general assembly. VR CEO where the music guest, HTC Virtual Reality Technology Vice President Raymond, Intel (China) PC& IOT group strategic project director Jeff Hsueh and other guests attended the event, and for the VR industry in all aspects, discussed the multi dimension and sharing. Music guest CEO he art at the meeting to share a series of VRLe platform data: until this year, the cumulative number of paid users more than 5 million 240 thousand times, VRLe platform now has 144 game content. The maximum number of hits per month has reached 841442 times. In addition, the general assembly, he always in the next 10 years for the trend of VR-Park made a prediction, VR-Park industry scale will develop to the scale of 40 billion yuan. Le VR guest CEO He Wenyi on the Chinese VR line under the entertainment situation, where the art exhibition data show: small VR Museum (20-50 square meters) accounted for 70%, and VR Park (50-300 square meters) accounted for 25%, large VR Park (300-1000 square meters) accounted for only 5%. Subsequently, he also released a literary content platform VRLe4.0 version, launched a commercial client, businesses can monitor equipment and software support nowadays widespread payment, WeChat and alipay. The event, from HTC, Intel, NVIDIA and other manufacturers executives also share a lot for the VR industry’s view: HTC Virtual Reality Technology Vice President Raymond: according to our statistics, in the next 6 months, the mainland to buy VR more than the United States, that is to say, the market than the United States still hot. And we are more exciting is that mainland consumers are more willing to buy high-end VR, are expected to have a good experience. And now VR users, 84% are willing to pay for VR, more than 46% yuan is willing to pay more than 100 yuan. Intel Chinese PC& IOT business group director Jeff Hsueh: VR strategic project came on the Internet the biggest opportunity, first it must change the entire Internet, the domain name will change, billing system will change, the use of the system will change, 15 of thousands of manufacturers, the market has more than 1200, 13 million machines, each 400 years, 500 sets of hardware in terms of this huge market. The second is that we mentioned VR Park, it is the way to go with the Internet is not the same, because together, close to the more crowded place. VR has a wide range of market opportunities, such as iCafe, VR Park, live, interior design, education, training, medical, travel相关的主题文章:

Eat whole grains, remember the 5 — food channel —

Eat whole grains, remember the 5 — food channel — original title: eat whole grains, remember the number 5 today, more and more people began to accept this kind of health food grains, however, not all people know the essence to eat coarse grains. "5 key digital life times" reporter invited nutrition experts concluded to eat whole grains, eat whole grains to teach you. Eat more than 4 kinds of food every day to eat enough of the 20 kinds of food has become the consensus of many nutrition experts, and the staple food as a very important part of the daily diet, should also be as rich as possible on the species. Military Medical Science Academy of the PLA Department of food and nutrition Dr. Rui Lili pointed out that the best to eat more than 4 kinds of roughage, every day, specifically, can include a "m" class of coarse grains, such as purple rice, millet, millet, rice, brown rice, a "wheat" type of coarse grains, such as oatmeal, barley, rye and buckwheat, a "bean" kind of coarse grains, such as red bean, mung bean, pea, broad bean, kidney bean, a "potato" type of coarse grains, such as sweet potato, potato, potato etc.. In addition, lotus seed, Gorgon fruit, barley and other nutrients and grains of coarse grains are similar, the candidate is also very good. In addition to porridge, each kind of coarse grains and some other food, such as beans can be cooked and mixed with vegetables, oats can play Soybean Milk with soybeans, red beans can be used as stuffing, mung bean soup can be used to. The number of accounts for about 13 of the staple food: Beijing Chaoyang Hospital nutritionist Song Xin said, coarse grains to eat less, not to prevent chronic disease and other health effects. But the coarse grain contains more dietary fiber and phytic acid, long-term consumption of large amount of calcium and iron will affect the body’s absorption of minerals, but also reduce the immunity of the human body. Therefore, "dietary guidelines" Chinese residents suggested that the best day to eat 50 to 100 grams of whole grains. Healthy adults eat 13 of the daily amount of staple food is more appropriate. Need to be reminded that eating staple foods must be thick collocation, can be mixed with coarse grain in the staple food, such as steamed rice, millet, Steamed Rice add some green beans or red beans, boiled white rice with a purple, with a Soybean Milk grinding oats, such "thick collocation" to eat, taste better. Treatment: soak for more than 4 hours earlier than with the polished white rice, coarse texture is more dense, so it needs to spend more time cooking. Therefore, in order to save cooking time, make whole grains taste better after cooking, need before cooking to coarse grain "soaking" treatment. The differences between the "resistance" of rice water, purple rice, brown rice, only need to soak for 4 hours or so, and the skin is the most dense beans, bean soaking time should be more than 12 hours, preferably up to 24 hours. If you want to save time, can be directly to a variety of grains is placed in a container, add water or food, in the fridge overnight can, so avoid bacteria exceed the standard. Porridge: water is about 7 times of coarse grains cooked cereals porridge, water is also a university asked more, the contents of porridge contains less, after drinking is easy to be hungry, and add a little water, easily lead to the taste of porridge is not good, let people have no appetite. In general, 1 grains to join the 6~8 times of water, the proportion of cooked porridge is not only taste)相关的主题文章:

Comments received stock index 3000 points to keep the public private insurance research is becoming -9c8996

Comments received: stock index insurance keep 3000 points ahead of public and private research is becoming hot part of the flow of funds shares thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Sina Financial News on September 14th, the stock index risk guard 3000 points. At the close, the stock index at 3002.85 points, or 0.68%; the Shenzhen Component Index at 10454.24 points, or 0.57%; gem index reported 2144.56 points, down 0.06%. The grading fund, 305 grade funds, only 83 red, 173 turned green. Or standings with Swiss A trading gains, but only 6 grade funds rose over 3%, most of the increase does not exceed 1%. Qianhai Kaiyuan fund Yang Delong recently wrote that the short-term adjustment does not change the medium-term rebound trend. The Manniu market may continue for a very long time, even in the future one or two years is such a trend. Slow uplift, the opportunity is more on the stock. Since entering in September, the market continued to shock the market, no trend performance. But at the turn of the three or four quarter, the pace of institutional research has not slowed, Wind information data show that since September alone, there are more than and 200 listed companies to accept various types of institutional research. 2016 is about to enter the last quarter of the occasion, the focus of public private sector research has been aggressive, for some of the company’s epitaxial merger and acquisition, short-term market performance and more attention. Institutions through the survey also revealed its aggressive meaning. The reporter found that part of the loss or decline in the company by reporting the results of institutional research group, the research focus of this company, focused on the future development planning and thickening performance, including the company’s capital operation, merger and reorganization etc.. "The concern of this kind of company, can see the interest that the growth of the investment that the mechanism shows. Since this year’s’ boring ‘market, so long as the growth of investment opportunities suppressed. In the current research institutions reflected in the "signs" may be in the market factors, leading to different trend. After all, generally speaking, the fourth quarter is sprint agencies throughout the year performance, do not rule out some institutions leveraging the growth of investment in order to extraordinary performance. Such institutional strategies may also trigger changes in market style." Public fund manager pointed out. "Battle of the market at the end of the public offering is chasing performance" bold enterprising research into [shares] discuss Sina Finance相关的主题文章: