Baron Chen talks about love man can’t touch his girlfriend! ca1834

Baron Chen talks about love: man can’t touch his girlfriend! Baron Chen Tencent entertainment mango TV reality show "golden Bachelor" launched in October 1st soon. The day before, in a section of the official video interview program, as the hero in the incarnation of Baron Chen "emotion experts", sharp interpretation in love, "love in a woman needs a whip, whip woman more coarse man is obedient, man can not let the girls" a series of verse netizens sympathy, also talked about the topic of love and money bestie resonate. Baron Chen incisive love view: man firmly cannot touch his girlfriend, "a person is good, but two people may be better."". In the golden bachelor, Baron Chen talks about his understanding of love. As the "golden Bachelor" is the pursuit of the 25 goddesses, the hero, Baron Chen said, in life, she did not know how to get along with the girls, female friends are few. The girlfriend bestie, Baron Chen that "bestie is in addition to the family of female friends who had the strongest influence, or even destroy your feelings", so his girlfriend will please bestie, including gifts etc.. But if the girl’s girlfriends are interested in herself, Baron Chen immediately retorted, "absolutely not."! She feels interesting to you face to the stench "in you, and that this is a man of character, must not touch the girlfriend bestie, Chaozheng three lead users point of praise, called emotional experts. Dating spending is preparing for financial power for women in the future. When talking about money issues that are also seen as forbidden areas in love, Baron Chen has his own view. Date the boys bill or has been the focus of many AA debate, Baron Chen said that although the now popular idea of AA, but the boys in the date of pay is a rehearsal for the future of marriage, "anyway, after you get married or have to pay, and to support the family, raising children spend more, so we can advance the date of practice" do not follow the routine play, answer again hit the hi point users have a message, "Baron Chen is absolutely a good man", "on the show date is to find the right people, praise", "that Baron Chen gave me a dozen". At the same time for the marriage of financial problems, Baron Chen also said that women should grasp the financial power "you every month to thirty thousand boys and three hundred thousand of the cost, man’s performance is certainly not the same as the" sharp point of view once again aroused discussion. It is reported that this Saturday at 12 a.m., "the golden Bachelor" in mango TV premiere, Baron Chen program which will have beyond all expectations gold sentence, has become the focus of attention of the users.

陈楚河谈爱情观:男人坚决不能碰女友闺蜜! 陈楚河 腾讯娱乐讯 芒果TV真人秀节目《黄金单身汉》10月1日开播在即。日前,在一段官方公布的视频采访中,作为节目中男主人公陈楚河化身“情感专家”,犀利解读恋爱中的问题,“爱情中女人需要一根鞭子”、“女人鞭子越粗男人越听话”、“男人不能让女生等”一系列金句引发网友共鸣,还大谈闺蜜、金钱等恋爱话题引发共鸣。陈楚河犀利爱情观:男人坚决不能碰女友闺蜜“一个人是挺好,不过两个人也许更美好”。在《黄金单身汉》里,陈楚河大谈自己对爱情的理解。作为《黄金单身汉》中被25位女神追求的男主人公,陈楚河称,其实在生活中她并不知道该如何跟女生相处,女性朋友也很少。对于女朋友的闺蜜,陈楚河认为“闺蜜是除家人外对女朋友影响最大的人,甚至会毁灭你们的感情”,因此自己会讨好女友的闺蜜,包括送礼物等。但若女朋友的闺蜜也对自己感兴趣,陈楚河立即反驳“绝对不会!在你感觉她对你有意思时脸就要够臭”,并表示这是男人人品的问题,一定不能碰女友闺蜜,超正三观引网友点赞,称其为情感专家。约会开销是为以后准备 财政大权归女人在谈到同样被视为恋爱禁区的金钱问题时,陈楚河也有自己的见解。约会时该男生买单还是AA制一直是很多人争议的焦点,陈楚河表示虽然现在的观念流行AA制,但是男生在约会时付账是为以后结婚做预演,“反正你以后结婚还是要买单,到时候养家、养小孩的开销更大,所以约会时就可以提前练习”,不按套路出牌的回答再次击中网友嗨点,纷纷留言“陈楚河绝对好男人”、“上节目约会是为了寻找对的人,点赞”、“这样的陈楚河给我来一打”。同时对于婚后财政问题,陈楚河也表示女人应该掌握财政大权“你每个月给男生三万和三十万的开销,男人的表现肯定不一样”,犀利观点再度引起讨论。据悉,本周六中午12点,《黄金单身汉》将在芒果TV首播,节目中陈楚河还会有哪些出人意料的金句,也成为网友关注的焦点。相关的主题文章:

South Korean Defense Ministry announced the deployment of new public thad near the rising opposition rainism

South Korean Defense Ministry announced the deployment of new public thad near the rising opposition to the original title: South Korean Defense Ministry announced the deployment of new "Sade" Kimcheon public opposition news agency upsurge in September 30 Seoul Xinhua (reporter Wu Xu) South Korean Defense Ministry announced that 30, located in Gyeongbuk County, the Star Golf course to become "THAAD the system" ("Sade" system) deployments. Currently, South Korea’s opposition to the deployment of the wave of Sade has spread from the state of Wisconsin to the golf course near the state of Kimcheon. South Korean Defense Ministry sources said, according to the results of the assessment of the three counties in the county of Wisconsin, to determine the best location for the golf course for the deployment of the system. The Defense Department has been on the morning of 30 July to Seongju gaugrafen Kim and Hengkun Seongju parliament speaker Pei Zaiwan on this conclusion are described. Yonhap reported that South Korean Defense Minister Korea seeking the day in Congress will decide on the golf course, the deployment of "Sade" to all parties explained. At the beginning of July, the South Korean government announced the deployment of "Sade" system in Seongju star hill fort sparked strong opposition from local people and autonomous groups. The defense ministry said at the end of 8 will reconsider "Sade" deployment locations, except outside the fort, on the other, Seongju three candidate for deployment will also carry out investigation and assessment. According to South Korean media reports, the new deployment, the golf course membership Lotte Group, is located 18 kilometers north, county government building, 680 meters above sea level, because of the surrounding residents are scarce, star hill fort area is wider, and the entrance and other relatively complete infrastructure and other factors, the South Korean defense ministry estimates that the more conducive to "Sade" deployment. Prior to the Korean media has repeatedly reported that the state golf course may become a de Sade system deployment site. Due to the proximity of the city of Kimcheon and the state golf course, after learning the news, the people of Kimcheon against the Sade system of continuous calls. According to reports, the population of Kimcheon is about 140 thousand people, about three times the county. Local residents set up against the deployment of the "Sade" system struggle Committee, nearly 10000 people in Kimcheon recently held a massive rally, issued a resolution book, said it would resolutely oppose the threat to Kimcheon public safety and survival rights "Sade" system. Kimcheon mayor Pu Baosheng and representatives of the public to the Defense Minister Han min expressed opposition. Pu Baosheng refused to meet the requirements of the Department of defense, said it would negotiate with the opposition to the deployment of the parties concerned with the Ministry of defense dialogue. (end) editor: the flourishing SN123相关的主题文章:

Wuhan is now the price of parking charges 30 yuan for half an hour or suspected of fraud in the new havd707

Wuhan is now the price of parking charges 30 yuan for half an hour or suspected fraud charges in the new network – itself is a market behavior, community, hospital units or municipal roads can be charged, but not everyone can accept, nor how to close on how to close, must have the corresponding control / reporter Liu Zhiyue newspaper Intern He Zhengxin Cao Yan stopped less than half an hour, to pay 30 yuan. Recently, the Wuhan Hubei car advocates on the enjoyment of this high parking treatment. Mr. Zhang’s car, parked in the center of reproductive medicine Wuhan Tongji Hospital entrance, at the former Wuhan City Department designated temporary road parking. Legal Daily reporters found that in October 2015, Wuhan has canceled roadside parking fees; in accordance with the regulations, Mr. Zhang should not pay parking. Experts pointed out that as the market regulation, city road parking fees to a certain extent, solve some of the owners of parking, "zombies" and other issues, but the property rights problem should be clear; units, residential parking shall be approved by the relevant approval procedures, if the individual charges fees arbitrarily posing as member may be suspected of fraud, the relevant departments should be shall be punished in accordance with the public security management punishment measures etc.. Parking charges 30 yuan a fee of $30, a total of two yuan to pay a total of $60!" Speaking of the recent parking experience, the car is still somewhat dissatisfied mr.. In September 15th, Mr. Zhang drove to accompany the students to the hospital, the nearest car parked in the hospital door. Two hours later, Mr. Zhang is ready to drive away, but was charged $30. The next day, Mr. Zhang returned to the hospital to take medicine to stop the car for about an hour, pay the parking fee 30 yuan. "In accordance with the regulations, parking only three or four yuan per hour, if the hospital belongs to the parking lot within half an hour should be free, do not know why there is such a high parking fees?" Zhang questioned. Reporters came to Wuhan Tongji Hospital to visit the center for Reproductive Medicine found that the scene is divided into 3 rows of parked more than 40 private cars, only more than more than 20 berths parking berth line. A total of 3 parking fee charges, charges of $30. However, there are also owners of "bargain", toll parking fees will be reduced to 20 yuan. Near the parking lot due to limited supply, many to the reproductive medical center or to the opposite of Tongji Hospital owners will not have a car parked here. Hospital leaders to do so, this is a prime location, love non-stop"…… The face of challenge, charging staff is "perfect". In fact, in recent years, Wuhan public parking encounter high fees is not an example. As a Hankou square parking lot was 1 hours parking fee of 200 yuan, a district of Wuchang monthly 2000 yuan astronomical parking fees etc.. With the increase in the number of motor vehicles, urban parking conflicts are also increasingly prominent, hospitals, railway stations and other traffic intensive, but also become a "enclosure" charge of prime locations. "Don’t give money not to stop, some money is not to invoice, no parking owners on where to go?" The car Gary bluntly.相关的主题文章:

Beijing – VIDEO – the world’s first non symmetric hybrid composite beam cable-stayed bridge closure synnex

Beijing – VIDEO – the world’s first non symmetric hybrid composite beam closure [comment] November 29th cable-stayed bridge, located in Guizhou County of Luodian province and the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Tian’e County branch of the Red River bridge closure section of concrete pouring is completed, the world’s first non symmetric hybrid composite beam cable-stayed bridge to achieve closure. The Red River bridge across the Red River Canyon, "U" is Huishui to Luodian expressway connecting the two bridge control projects, the total cost of 540 million yuan, the total length of the bridge is 956 meters, 195.1 meters high. Cooperation between Guizhou and Guangxi. Guizhou Expressway Group Limited company deputy chief Liang Maoran told reporters, the Red River Bridge is located in the Yunnan Guizhou Plateau and Guangxi hilly slope transition zone, the local complex terrain conditions, land and water traffic block. Combined with the characteristics of local topography and geomorphology, the construction of Red River bridge construction technology innovation, creating three "first"". The same period [] deputy chief of Guizhou Expressway Group Limited Liang Maoran (Red River Bridge) is the world’s first non symmetrical (hybrid composite beam cable-stayed bridge). Non symmetry is from its structure (for), is the Guizhou bank is asymmetric beam (structure), the coast of Guangxi is a concrete (structure); there is a span of 213 meters is asymmetric, Guizhou shore side span is 185 meters, the Guangxi shore side span, which is from its structure stress on it. The second is the first in the world to put forward the whole stage for the installation of cable hoisting to cross this, until they are with other construction methods; the third is Guizhou coast (main beam) with pushing construction technology, Guangxi Bank (main beam) with high-end large span cast-in-place bracket, span (girder) is cable hoisting, three kinds of construction technology also used in this bridge, this is the first in the world. On the morning of 29, the Red River Bridge to achieve closure means, from Yinchuan to the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region as the starting point, Jingxi Long Bang in the town as the end point, many provinces, regions and Chinese throughout North and South longitudinal silver 100 (G69) high-speed Huishui to Luodian section will be opened to traffic. After the completion of high-speed huiluo, not only solve the problem from the traffic channel China southwest to the North Bay, the Pearl River Delta region, will also become Guizhou, Chongqing by the Guangxi highway connecting the most convenient channel of asean. [after] over the Guizhou high speed group huiluo project office director Xu Yinglu this highway is built, Guangxi Le hundred high speed it is completed, from Guiyang to the (border) the Longbang port is 450 km, a large channel it is our southern Guizhou sea, but it’s also a way we connected and the ASEAN region relatively fast, on the south of Guizhou and ASEAN from an economy, all aspects of cooperation, has important significance. (Pu Wensi, Qiannan, Guizhou,,)相关的主题文章:

Spare parts for the crisis to solve the Volkswagen will resume production – People’s daily ca nlite

Parts of the foreclosure crisis   Volkswagen will resume production, car — original title: parts of the foreclosure crisis resolved Volkswagen will resume production is close to the public senior sources pointed out: suspend part of the production, because the conventional production adjustment for the next quarter, including golf, sales target by hearsay is not true. "Given the slowdown in sales of Volkswagen (excluding China), of course, a slight reduction in production levels, but no one wants to see the outcome of the dispute." A London based consulting analyst says. China Economic Net comprehensive foreign reports, Volkswagen in Germany local time on August 23rd publicly said that for two suppliers parts off for the dispute has been resolved. The two sides will work together to support the "recovery" of volkswagen". Last weekend, the German Prevent group under the seat maker Car Trim and transmission cast iron parts maker ES Automobilguss, accused the public in the lack of explanation and compensation ", cancel the order unilaterally, had to stop to the public supply of spare parts. Volkswagen has six factories, nearly 28 thousand employees were off for the impact, including the Wolfsburg factory, Zwickau factory Golf production line are facing downtime. The other four factories have to shorten the time. According to industry analysts said the loss of only one week in Wolfsburg factory production close to 100 million euros. In order to prevent further expansion of the loss, the public and the two suppliers for a long, long time, the talks were more than 20 hours. Volkswagen is currently publicly stated that it has resolved the differences with the supplier, but did not disclose more details. The two suppliers also said that the two sides agreed not to disclose the details of the agreement, and will restart the delivery as soon as possible, to support the public to resume production, and step by step to achieve normal supply rhythm. In this dispute, the two parts manufacturers have asked the public to compensate $66 million. Car Trim claimed that the contract was canceled orders by the public, involving a loss of up to 500 million euros. It is worth mentioning that, because of the intensification of the contradiction between the two sides on the weekend, even comments that the book "will be in court, a judicial decision". There are comments that the public is accustomed to a strong supplier overwhelmed, recovered from the diesel emissions scandal, the public anxious to reduce the cost of suppliers through conduction loss. There are people close to the top of the public sources pointed out: the suspension of some production, because the production adjustment for the next quarter, including golf, including sales targets down the rumors are not true. "Given the slowdown in mass sales (excluding China), of course, a slight reduction in production levels, but no one wants to see the outcome of the dispute." A London based consulting analyst says. (China Economic Net Huang Chunmian (Translated): Yan Feng, commissioning editor Dou Ming)相关的主题文章: